The Stress Toolbox - simple take home tools to improve your health

The Stress Toolbox - simple take home tools to improve your health


Join Kristen Pavez & Dr Olivia Gleeson (Chiropractor) from Nervana Chiropractic for an evening of information around the gut-brain connection and how this affects our day to day handling of stress in our environment. Due to a sold out first workshop, Kristen and Olivia have decided to hold this workshop again in June.

If you suffer from: 

Tight Shoulders and neck muscles,

Constant tiredness,

Digestive and/or hormonal issues,

Regular headaches that worsen as the day progresses.

Then this workshop may help you by providing you with the tools to help you in your day to day life. 

Dr Olivia will teach you all about the autonomic nervous system and how it triggers our fight or flight instincts. She will give you some tools to better manage stress on a daily basis for yourself and/or your kids.

In this presentation you will discover how the brain develops and matures, what it needs to be healthy, happy and calm. You will leave with techniques and tools to use straight away in your day to day life.

Kristen will teach you how to keep your second brain, your gut healthy with fermented foods and drinks & you will get to sample these, as well as how she manages her stress with all natural essential oils. 


Date: Wednesday 20th June 2018

Time: 7pm-8.30pm

Investment: $35

Location: Stackwood Fremantle. 10 Stack Street, Fremantle. 

Included in the admission price is a light supper and tastings of Kombucha.

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