Glow from the Inside out

Glow from the Inside out


Get your inner glow going with these nutrient dense foods. In this class we will explore how Collagen, Gelatin, Bone broth, and animal organs are not only extremely nutrient dense, but how they can help to improve your skin, your gut and your hair and nails.

In this demonstration style class, I’ll teach you how to make:

Chicken Bone Broth

Inner glow smoothie - choc full of hidden goodies, this is one kids and adults love,

Probiotic Cinnamon Bananas,

Keto Vegetable and Cheese Bread,

Creamy Chicken Pate,

Salted Caramel Pannacotta Tart.

This recipes in this class contain animal products, and there is some dairy used in this class also.

All participants receive a comprehensive recipe e-book, generous tastings of everything prepared on the night and lots of tips, tricks and troubleshoots to ensure success once you leave.


Date: Saturday 22nd June 2019

Time: 2-4pm

Location: The Apple Room. Heathcote Cultural Precinct, 58-60 Duncraig Road Applecross.

Price: $79.

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