Fermentation and Healthy Treats Workshop Mukinbudin

Fermentation and Healthy Treats Workshop Mukinbudin


I have recently visited York, Pingrup, Narembeen and Kellerberrin to teach sold out Fermenting workshops, and due to their popularity, I’ve been asked to bring this class to Mukinbudin in June 2019.

Studies suggest that eating fermented foods is highly beneficial for gut health, mood & weight management. Eating fermented foods that are probiotic rich & gut healing have proven to be very good for our overall health. 

Fermented foods & beverages are very inexpensive & easy to make. 

Come & join Kristen for an informative, fun & interactive workshop where Kristen will teach you in a demonstration style class how to make:

Fermented Korean Kimchi - this slightly spicy, tangy and delicious ferment is a vegan spin of the Korean traditional ferment. Add this to your favourite asian dish, or in a salad for a probiotic hit.

German Purple Sauerkraut: add this to your salads for some extra zing, or have it on a cheese board or burger. This ferment is delicious, easy and a great dish to make in winter when cabbages are plentiful.

Chai Spiced Kombucha.

Milk Kefir:
this sour drink is a favourite in smoothies, over cereal or in cakes.

Probiotic Berries: Fermenting fruit is a great way to get probiotics into your diet, plus fermenting them reduces the natural sugar content in the fruit.

Probiotic Berry Mocktail: made with coconut kefir and probiotic berries, this mocktail is deliciously fizzy and full of gut loving probiotics.

Fermented Chilli and Garlic Sauce: this tangy, spicy chilli sauce is just SO delicious!!! It makes the perfect sauce to go on your favourite veg, or burger. Or bottle it up and give it to friends as a gift.

Raw Sundried Tomato and Capsicum Pesto - serve this with your favourite crackers, vegetables, zucchini noodles or chicken. The perfect dip or sauce to take your food to the next level.

Raw Chocolate and Hazelnut Slice: Learn how to make the most delicious, creamy raw chocolate slice that will satiate your taste buds and get your happy hormones flowing. This is a chocolate treat you can eat without guilt, as it’s full of nutrient rich ingredients.

You will receive tastings of all the dishes presented in this class. Each attendee will go home with a 25 page recipe booklet and full instruction will be provided on how each dish is made. Each guest will take home a goody bag with some gifts from our sponsors..


When? Saturday 15th June, 2019

Time: 2pm-4pm

Investment: $100 per person. 

Where? Mukinbudin CRC


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