Hearty Smoked Ham, Vegetable and Lupin Soup

This will warm the cockles of your heart on a cool winter’s eve. When I took my first sip of this soup, it reminded me instantly of my beautiful Nanna, who’d often make Pea and Ham soup. This is a spin on the classic version, with a few more nutrient packed goodies in there. This is the FIRST EVER soup that my boys have eaten, willingly, so give it a go with your kids too, and let me know what you think.

Smoked Ham, Vegetable and Lupin Soup


1 Nitrate Free, Pastured Ham Hock (I get mine from Ruby’s Organics),

2 Leeks (or 1 large brown onion) diced finely,

2 TBSP of butter,

1/2 a head of Organic Celery, diced finely,

6 Carrots, diced finely,

3 cloves of Garlic, finely chopped,

1L of bone broth (see here for my recipe) & 1L of water or 2L of water, plus 3 TBSP of Nutraorganics Bone Broth powder.

1/2 cup of The Lupin Co Lupin Flakes

1 tsp of Salt (plus more to taste at the end)

3 fresh bay leaves,

100g Frozen Peas.


Preheat your pan, add your butter and then add your leeks or onions. Saute’ on a medium heat for at least 5-6 minutes until they are soft and translucent.

Add your garlic, and saute’.

Then add your carrots and Celery and a pinch of salt. Saute until soft.

Add your Ham hock, saute’ this slightly and then add water and bone broth & salt.

Cover and leave for 3 hours on a low heat.

Add your lupins, stir through and taste. Add more salt if required.

Cook for another hour, then add your peas 15 minutes prior to serving.

Remove your ham hock, chop the meat up and serve immediately.

Enjoy xx