Raw Chocolate and Hazelnut slice

Hazelnuts and Raw Chocolate...what dreams are made of..

As most of you know, I used to have a serious addiction to sugar. Since changing my diet to a JERF (Just Eat Real Food) diet and including Fermented foods into my daily diet, my sweet tooth only comes out occasionally. This month has been a busy one, and when I'm stressed, I love to eat good chocolate, as it helps my body to create lots of happy hormones (join me at the Stress Toolbox to learn more about this).

Yesterday was one of those days that I NEEDED something (ladies, I'm sure you can relate to this at that time of the month)! So, I made this slice. It has only a few ingredients, and with the Thermomix or a high power food processor, it only took about 5 minutes to make. This is what I call FAST FOOD! I've always had a thing for Roasted Hazelnuts and Chocolate, so I decided to change my Peanut Butter and Chocolate slice up, and add some Hazelnuts to it. The result was amazing! 

Lock up your freezer, this Raw Chocolate & Nutella slice is addictive!

Lock up your freezer, this Raw Chocolate & Nutella slice is addictive!

Raw Chocolate & Nutella slice recipe



350g Pitted Dates

75g Raw Almonds

75g Roasted Hazelnuts (left whole)

75g Roasted Hazelnuts (turned into Hazelnut Butter)

2 TBSP Organic Raw Cacao 

Generous Pinch of Good Salt. 

2 drops of food grade Young Living Orange Essential Oil 


90g Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

25g of Organic Cacao

30g of Maple Syrup/Raw Honey. 

Small pinch of Murray River Salt. 
2 Drops of Young Living Orange Essential Oil




Line a square pyrex dish with baking paper. 

Place half of your Roasted Hazelnuts (75g) into the Thermomix/Blender and process on a high speed until you have Hazelnut Butter. 

Place the remaining base ingredients into your food processor/Thermomix & blend on the highest speed until all combined & dates have broken down into a sticky paste.  

Empty into pyrex dish & use a dessert spoon to compact. Run the spoon around the edges of the pyrex dish to get them nice and flat. 


Conventional: Melt the Coconut oil over a double boiler & add in remaining ingredients. Stir to combine. Pour Chocolate onto base & cover. Place in freezer to set. 

Thermomix: Melt coconut oil - 37 degrees, speed 4, 2-3 minutes. Add remaining ingredients & mix on speed 6 for 10 seconds. Use a spatula to push down off the sides of the bowl & mix for a further 10 seconds on speed 6, Pour Chocolate onto base & cover. Place in freezer to set. 

Once the slice is set, boil some water & place in a cup. Dip your knife in the boiling water & dry with a cloth and proceed to slice. This will ensure you get clean cut lines. 

Enjoy everyone! I'd love to hear what you think if you make this treat. If you'd like to learn more raw treats like this one, come & join me at one of my cooking classes soon. 

x Kristen