Turmeric & Cinnamon Gluten Free Porridge

This Turmeric & Cinnamon Gluten-Free Porridge has been one of my go-to winter Breakfasts.  When you eat it, it feels like someone is giving you a big hug from the inside, it's nutritious & it's filling.

Buckwheat has been touted as one of the World's healthiest foods. It is a fruit seed, not a grain, and it is related to the Rhubarb family. It is high in minerals & studies have shown that people who consume a lot of Buckwheat have lower rates of cardio-vascular disease & lower Cholesterol.The Raw Honey & the warming spices of Turmeric & Cinnamon add to the health benefits, as they are loaded with anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory; anti-bacterial & anti-fungal benefits & it tastes amazing!

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Ingredients (Serves 2)

330g Milk of choice (My favourite is Coconut & Cashew) - which I make using the Living Synergy nut milk bags

½ tsp Turmeric

½ tsp Cinnamon

1 tsp Raw & Organic Honey

80g Buckwheat

25g Chia Seeds


Place Milk, Honey & spices into a saucepan & whisk together over a gentle heat until mixture reaches a simmer;

Add Buckwheat & Chia seeds & continue to mix over a gentle heat for 10-15 minutes until Buckwheat has cooked through & is tender.

Leave to sit for 3 minutes & serve with a drizzle of honey.


Place milk, honey & spices into Bowl & heat for 2 minutes, 90 degrees, speed 4.

Add Remaining ingredients & cook for 10 minutes, 90 degrees, speed 2.

Leave to sit for 3 minutes & serve with a drizzle of honey.