ESSENTIAL OILS & Plant Based Personal Products

Simply put, these little bottles have changed our lives in many ways. Healthy Living is an all encapsulating term, it includes healthy eating, exercise, good sleep and for us, natural remedies such as Essential oils. Since using Young Living essential oils on myself and my family, and eating a whole food diet, we have not been unwell with illness for the last three years. We use these oils & Young Living products in our home and on ourselves to support our emotional & physical wellness.

Essential oils are pure & highly concentrated extracts from plants. They smell incredible & they have been life changing for our family. 

SInce being introduced to essential oils three years ago, I have slowly removed the chemicals used in my home and on my body, we use the oils in many ways, including:

  • To clean our home,

  • To make body products: like handwash, face wash, cleaning sprays, dishwasher tablets, washing powder,

  • We use them instead of perfume

  • We use them to flavour my foods & beverages.

    We also couldn’t go without the Young living products that are made using essential oils. Our family favourites are the handwash, shampoo, toothpaste, makeup, face care products, and our favourite wellness tonic, Ningxia.


How essential oils work

Young Living Essential Oils are therapeutic grade which gives them the ability to work with your body. Within 20 minutes of applying oils they can be found in every cell. These pure oils are distilled from the "life blood"of plants and contain the plant's own immunity, hormones, and scents. When you pick a rose and break off the stem, you'll always notice there is a bit of watery substance. This is the source that the pure essential oils come from. This God given source was intelligently created to benefit our whole body. 

It is a highly temperamental process to distill oils from plants and it can not be rushed. Young Living is a part of the entire process from "Seed to Seal". They make sure that the soil the crops are planted in have never been touched with pesticides or herbicides so that toxins are never present in the plants or in the oils. Young Living oversees each step ensuring that the correct temperature is used for the correct amount of time so that every constituent is intact. They go above and beyond to guarantee that every drop of oil is what we call "beyond organic." 



  • Young Living is the world leader in essential oils. 

  • They have been harvesting and distilling oils for over 25 years. 

  • Young Living was started by Gary D. Young as a small family business.

  • Young Living has developed a seed to seal for their oils, ensuring the purity from the planting of the seed to the sealing of the bottle.

  • Young Living essential oils do not have any additives and I believe the purest on the planet.

  • Young Living owns their own farms and distilleries across the globe.

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