To nut milk or not to nut milk?

Are you nutty about nut milk?

I am! As someone who suffers from a dairy intolerance, I’ve had to limit my dairy intake my whole life. As a child I drank goats milk, then as I got older I delved into soy milk & now I’m in love with all kinds of different plant based milks.  My personal favourite is cashew & coconut milk, followed closely by home made almond milk. The creaminess is second to none & it froths up beautifully – making it perfect for hot drinks. If you haven't tried home made nut milks, you must try them, most store bought milks pale in comparison to the real deal. 

 Creamy almond milk is a great milk alternative

Creamy almond milk is a great milk alternative


What are plant-based milks?

A lot of people find it a bit strange talking about nut milks, as milk. Milk usually comes from an animal right? The only similarity here is that they look similar, that is where the similarities end. Plant based milks are made from nuts or seeds, blended on high speed with water & then strained. There are so many different types of plant based milks on Supermarket shelves now. From Oat, Rice, Coconut, Soy, Almond, Macadamia to Hemp seed milk there is a different milk for each budget and differing taste buds.

Why consume plant-based milks?

I don’t want to give advice here, as I’m not a nutritionist or a dietician, but research shows that plant-based milks are lower in sugar, lower in calories and are easier to digest, as they don’t have lactose in them.

Which plant-based milk should I buy?

Not all plant-based milks are equal. I often get asked which plant based milk I buy in the supermarket. My first tip when shopping is always to look at the ingredients list. If there is a huge list of ingredients on the back of the packet, don't buy it. If the ingredients are almonds & water, buy it.

Look out for sweeteners on the label too. A lot of milks are sweetened with rice syrup, agave or other syrups. I always buy unsweetened & organic plant milks. My favourite brands are Pure Harvest, Australia’s Own Organic & Nutty Bruce.  

Some almond milks on the market only contain 2% almonds. When I make my own almond milk, my milk contains 10% almonds. Choice magazines did a study on almond milks, and the milk that had the highest quantity of nuts in it was the Pure Harvest Activated Almond Milk. This has 10% almonds in it, which was considerably higher (about 4 times to be exact) than other brands on the market. Nutty Bruce and other freshly made nut milks also have a high content of almonds & are deliciously creamy. 

 This Pure Harvest activated almond milk has one of the highest almond to water ratios & is certified organic. 

This Pure Harvest activated almond milk has one of the highest almond to water ratios & is certified organic. 

Home made is so simple

It really is so easy to make your own nut & seed milks at home. All that you need is a high power blender, some nuts/seeds, some filtered water & a nut milk bag/muslin. As with everything, home made usually tastes the best, but if you're time poor, buy the best alternative that your budget allows. If you'd like to learn how to make some delicious nut milks, I'd love to see you at my upcoming Whole Food Essentials class, where I'll be teaching how to make Almond Milk. 


I'd love to know what your favourite nut milks are? 

x Kristen